Crabtree Calls His Destiny

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Crabtree Crushes Youth Football Team

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In an effort to hone his skills for this weekends game against the Vikings, Packers TE Tom Crabtree took the field in a surprise pick-up game with youngsters on the La Java Hornets seven to nine-year-old flag football team.

Said head coach Wally Pingel of Howard, Wisconsin:

On the last practice of the season for my 7-9 year-old Flag Football team, we had the pleasure of having a special guest visit us, Tom Crabtree of the Green Bay Packers. Tom played a little ball with the boys (the entire time I’m thinking to myself please don’t let a freak injury happen) and then Tom posed for pictures and signed items the parents of the team members brought along.

I had let all the parents’ of the boys know about our special guest but had asked them to keep it a surprise for the team. Once I introduced Tom to the kids, a real Green Bay Packer standing right there with them, faces lit up. The boys had plenty of questions.

The football game remained competitive, but the Hornets were just no match for the 6-4, 245 pound Crabtree.


Throwback Weekend Signing

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Tom surprised his Twitter fans from across the country and signed autographs during Throwback Weekend.

The Hang Out With Tom Crabtree Contest

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You know, Tom had to do it up big or not do it at all. I think we would both agree that we have both worked hard to get where we are.

Of course, we’ve had our good times and our bad times on the way to this website. Tom even had to yell at me once. I should note that Tom doesn’t really yell, he kind of acts disappointed.

Picture a Packer disappointed in you. Not cool.

I was totally bummed out for nearly a week and felt like I had let down the team.

But, we’ve both gone into this deal with the firm promise that we know it’s a learning experience for both of us. Tom’s never been a Superbowl Champion before, and I’ve never gotten this close under the helmet. If there is one guy that is excited to see what happens next, it’s me. And I am even more excited to help Tom share it with you.

My hope is that Tom takes a great portion of the reigns from here. Like I’ve said, Tom is really focused on football, and it’s not just a phrase. I’ve been trying to get the guy to shoot a 30 second video for like a month now.

Still, he promises to step up for the team and do some unique things to show his appreciation for Packer nation. He’ll share music, share ideas, and share his life.

Here’s your chance to share it with him.


Michele Tafoya Talks Twitter With Tom

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Tom Crabtree ESPY’S

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Watch live streaming video from cheeseheadtv at livestream.com

Tom Crabtree’s Tattoos

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He’s Number #83 He’s Tom Crabtree

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